Photomenta - Photography from the Mediterranean

Marie Hudelot, heritage , 2013 



MUZA, the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, is pleased to present the first Photomenta - a large-scale photography exhibition opening at the museum. The exhibition, which will take place every five years, presents hundreds of works by dozens of participants from numerous Mediterranean countries. Serving as a bridge that extends over seas and peoples, borders and political conflicts, the photographs on display offer a mental, artistic and narrative point of encounter with the "others" in our vicinity. The exhibition extends throughout the museum galleries, pavilions and archaeological garden, unfurling like a maritime map or fishing net. The exhibition's various sites serve as port cities, while the series of photographs on display appear alongside the museum's archaeological and historical treasures. 




Raida Adon (Acre, Israel); Oded Balilty (Israel); Laetizia Battaglia (Italy); Raed Bawayah (The Palestinian Authority/France);

Orit Adar-Bechar (Israel); Hicham Benohoud (Morocco); Noa Ben-Nun Melamed (Israel); Primož Bizjak (Slovenia);

Nadir Bucan (Turkey); Itamar Doari (Israel); Faten Gaddes (France/Tunisia); Ana Galan (Spain); Maya Geller (Israel);

Dor Guez (Jaffa, Israel); Raafat Hattab (Jaffa, Israel); Oded Hirsch (Israel); Marie Hudelot (France-Algeria); Max Juhasz (Crotaia); Yoram Kupermintz (Israel); Nicolas Lambouris (Cyprus); Dana Levy (Israel); Luca Locatelli (Italy); Adrian Paci (Albania/Italy); Maria Pansini (Italy); Theodor Papadakis(Greece); Francesca Piqueras (France); David Pisani (Malta); Siniša Radulović (Montenegro); Ritty Tacsum (Malta); Dafna Tal (Israel); Vertigo (Israel); Hinda Weiss (Israel); Ammar Younis (Kafr Ara, Israel); Tamir Zadok (Israel); Almin Zrno (Bosnia and Herzegovina)




Founder and curator of Photomenta - Guy Raz, Curator of Photography, MUZA


 Close: July 15