Landscape Images

The photographic series in this pavilion feature landscape scenes by photographers from France, Malta, Croatia and Israel. This selection of works includes seascapes, sunken ships, drilling towers and historical maritime bunkers. The works are all concerned with the encounter between the human body and botanical or maritime landscape images that raise gender-related and aesthetic questions, while dialoguing with the ceramic figurines in the permanent collection. One series is concerned with memories of imagined landscapes, related to a family photograph album that was lost in a war. A video work displayed above a number of monumental vessels features sea waves washing over the statue of a mythological figure submerged in the sand, and resonating with the waves of memory and oblivion associated with Mediterranean mythology.


The Ceramics Pavilion is devoted to the ceramic material, whose prevalence and flexibility allowed for the creation of a range of functional vessels and artistic or ritual objects. The durability and prevalence of ancient ceramic vessels sheds light on everyday life in ancient times.


Photomenta features the works of some 30 photographers from Mediterranean countries. The exhibition extends throughout the museum pavilions, the Migdal Gallery and the Archaeological Garden. These different sites serve as "port cities" from which visitors can embark on a journey throughout the Mediterranean.



Ritty Tacsum (Malta), Random Encounters, 2018-2020




Max Juhasz (Croatia), Universal Memories, 1999-2019




Francesca Piqueras (France), Panic point, Peru, 2015