Signs and symbols

The photographs presented in the Migdal Gallery within the framework of Photomenta are concerned with archaeological monuments in Israel and Cypress; enlarged copies of plant photographs identified with local cities in the early 20th century; mythological stories and allegorical memories of figures from Algiers; and two-dimensional models of countries that are not represented by the photographers participating in the exhibition, including: Egypt, Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza (The Palestinian Authority).


The works on display in the Migdal Gallery serve as a point of reference, while metaphorically mapping a number of Mediterranean landscapes. The gallery's second floor serves as an observatory overlooking the landscape -the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Tel Aviv and its environs, and the Samarian Mountains in the East.


Photomenta features the works of some 30 photographers from Mediterranean countries. The exhibition extends throughout the museum pavilions, the Migdal Gallery and the Archaeological Garden. These different sites serve as "port cities" from which visitors can embark on a journey throughout the Mediterranean.



Dor Guez (Jaffa, Israel), Lilies of the Field, 2018-2019




Yoram Kupermintz (Israel), Casablanca, photo processed using

Google Earth software, lightbox




Nicolas Lambouris (Cyprus), Propaedeutics on Memorial Structures Vol. 3, 2018




Marie Hudelot (Algeria/France), Heritage, 2013




Dana Levy (Israel), Impermanent Display, video, 6:50 minutes, 2014




Vertigo Dance Company (Israel), Paradiso, video-sound, 15:30 minutes, 2021, in collaboration with Itamar Doari (Israel)