Dancing Towards Evening

In Living Life (2010-2012), Ana Galan (b. 1969) photographs elderly couples throughout the world, inspired by Piero della Francesca's 15th-century diptych The Duke and Duchess of Urbino. In contrast to the painting, which presents the two figures as frozen and lifeless, Galan infuses life into the composition and presents the elderly couples as filled with vitality: "This project honors those who decide not to remain invisible, and to keep living the moment." This work is a photographic typology of the gestures of dancing couples, who are captured in profile against a rural landscape suffused with vitality and perhaps even a sense of immortality. Created in Spain, this project also includes photographs taken in the Unites States, Finland and the Philippines.


The Klatchkin Auditorium, named after the stage actor Rapahel Klatchkin, was established with a donation from the actor's wife, Hadassah. One could well imagine this couple joining the elderly dancers portrayed in this series of photographs.


Photomenta features the works of some 30 photographers from Mediterranean countries. The exhibition extends throughout the museum pavilions, the Migdal Gallery and the Archaeological Garden. These different sites serve as "port cities" from which visitors can embark on a journey throughout the Mediterranean.




Ana Galan, Living Life, 2010-2012