Grinding Stones

The Flour Mill on the museum grounds hosts two contemporary video works: RAMID, 2015, by Oridt Adar-Bechar, and Factory, 2014, by Maya Geller. Both works were photographed at sites in Tel Aviv and its environs - the first in a vast granary in Bnei Brak, and the second at the Zuckerman Flour Mill in Tel Aviv. The presentation of these works inside the flour mill invites viewers of these contemporary artworks to also consider the historical and architectural story of local flour mills.


The Flour Mill built on the museum site was inspired by the flour mills active in the north of the country. The structure contains parts of ancient mills, including grinding stones, weights and more. Farmers traveled from afar to such flour mills in order to grid the grains they grew. These sites were characterized by a special atmosphere, and became important social and cultural centers.


Photomenta features the works of some 30 photographers from Mediterranean countries. The exhibition extends throughout the museum pavilions, the Migdal Gallery and the Archaeological Garden. These different sites serve as "port cities" from which visitors can embark on a journey throughout the Mediterranean.




Maya Geller (Israel), Factory, video, 12:00 minutes, 2014




Orit Adar-Bechar (Israel), RAMID, video, 8:00 minutes, 2015