The Klachkin Auditorium

The auditorium has 539 seats in 16 gradated rows, a 22 X 7 meters stage, a Barco system, a podium, presidential table, an amplifying system for lectures only, floodlighting on stage, a technician, three ushers, and a cleaner.

A cafeteria in the auditorium lobby is open during performances and can host receptions and events.


The Rothschild Auditorium

The auditorium has 226 seats in nine rows, 10 special seats for people with disabilities, a 4X5.10 meter stage, white floodlighting, four display screen systems for additional lighting, a state-of the-art control room, a screen, a technician, two ushers, and a cleaner.

Receptions and events can be held in the lobby.


The Nofim Hall

A multi-purpose hall, flexible seating arrangement for diverse activities.

The hall holds up to 150 seats, 120 of which are around round tables, a Barco projector, a screen, an amplification system for lectures only, one technician, and one cleaner.

The hall does not have a lobby.


The Olive Oil Plant

A reconstructed building in the center of a beautiful garden, with ancient and traditional equipment for producing olive oil. Business meetings and events for up to 200 people can be held in the plant and the surrounding garden.


The Man and his Work Center

Near the reconstructed artisan market and the Bread Courtyard.

Business meetings and events for up to 200 people can be held at the center.


The Planetarium

Special events (126 seats) can be held at the planetarium; the entrance plaza and the adjacent garden can be used as well. Films can be screened in the planetarium, either following the "Stars" program or independently.


All the halls and sites are accessible to people with disabilities.

Special earphones for the hard of hearing are available in all the halls.