A Toast to Israel! - Eretz Israel Museum

A Toast to Israel!
Celebrating with israeliana Glasses

The glasses showcased in this special display, marking seven decades of the State of Israel, were produced locally during its early years until the mid-1970s. Found in almost every Israeli household, most of them were commercial, affordable, mass produced glassware for everyday use, for decoration, or remembrance. Displayed alongside a variety of popular art products, promotional/advertising material, and consumer goods (“Israeliana”), as well as institutional material (postage stamps, coins, and medals), these glasses provide a dynamic framework reflecting the spirit of the time, lifestyle, historical events, cultural trends and ideas.

Selected not because of their original design, meticulous execution, or technical intricacy, but for their inherent symbolism these objects shed light on the emerging Israeli experience. Fashioned in a new reality, their rich imagery and messages – whether explicit or implicit, aimed at consolidating social cohesion and solidarity.

Most of the exhibits belong to private individuals, who after decades of omnivorous collecting, have accumulated a large body of objects related to the history, geography, and folklore of these formative years. Beyond their intrinsic historical value, their naïf style and lack of sophistication imbue them with a unique charm and an air of intimacy and humanity – tangible memories from years of innocence.


Dr. Haim Grossman; Adv. Zvi Hauser; The Jackson family, in memory of Ana and Raymond Jackson; Ami and Yehudit Korren; Prof. Shaul Ladani; Hadi Orr; Eyal Reuveni; Gideon Shapira; Zeev Sorek; Tamar Talisman; the Yoel Family ; the Ziffer Family; Ouzi Zur, in memory of Marcel and Jonah Zur