Dry Landscape Garden - מוזיאון ארץ ישראל

Dry Landscape Garden
Special Exhibit

Hila Amram, 2015
Mixed media installation: Gravel, slate stone tiles, artificial moss, raw glass chunks (courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority)

Multi-disciplinary artist Hila Amram often uses glass in her works. The worlds she fashions oscillate between past and future, fiction and reality. Her works reveal a cultural eclecticism, where the familiar rubs shoulders with the strange.

Amram’s “Dry Landscape Garden” is a fictional, stylized landscape imitating a traditional Japanese rock garden (a Zen garden). However, instead of natural rocks, Amram uses raw glass chunks from a late Byzantine glass workshop found in the ancient site of Apollonia, on the shores of Herzliya. Arranged into groups of two or three, according to the Japanese custom, on a neatly raked gravel representing ripples in water, emptiness and distance, the ancient glass chunks are partly covered with artificial moss. By this intervention, the artist creates a common cultural context while defining a topos for contemplation in a liminal space and time.