Homeland - Eretz Israel Museum


The present exhibit brings together works of four Israeli geographical photographers, thus complementing the exhibition The Map – Reading between the Lines, which explores the idea of the map in Israeli art. Likewise, it exposes individual and group perspectives on the views and images of the Land while seeking to touch upon one’s meeting point with homeland sceneries. In an attempt to extricate the primary values from the political morass and consider those concepts that unite us with our surroundings, this exhibit also explores the affinity to a place in its meaning as home and homeland.

The photographers of the land reflected from this ensemble of photographs were asked to choose from among their archives numbering thousands of images, their own land – not the journalistic one that represents an array of sights in Israel, but their own personal homeland.

Each of the participants chose his own home-landscape, and it was only upon seeing each other’s images side by side that they agreed that through the camera lens and beyond the landscape we imagine our own promised land.