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In response to an Italian captain
Aliya Bet in Italy, 1945-1948

After World War II millions of refugees wandered throughout the devastated continent of Europe. Some 250,000 among them, were Jewish Holocaust survivors, who set out on a long and perilous journey towards Palestine via Italy’s ports.

This exhibition deals with this story: the three years in which the refugees crossed the Alps, wandered along the Italian boot, and sailed for Palestine despite the British authority’s restrictions.

Aliya Bet was made possible by the immigrants’ perseverance, effective organization, and the persuasiveness of Ada Sereni vis-à-vis the Italian establishment. However, more than anything else, it was the human warmth, generosity, and help which Italians of all walks of life offered the refugees. The ships sailed from Il Salento, Civitavecchia, Ancona, Trieste, and La Spezia.

The exhibition will display testimonies, photographs, documents, films, recordings, personal items.