Lighthouse 2 Lighthouse - מוזיאון ארץ ישראל

Lighthouse 2 Lighthouse
24 Hours on the Tel Aviv Coast

A special series of illustrations to mark the 110th anniversary of the founding of Tel Aviv.

Citykat Stories embark on an illustrated trip along the Tel Aviv coast: from the Tel Aviv harbor lighthouse to the lighthouse in Jaffa harbor. Along the way they capture human, familiar, surprising and thought-provoking Tel Aviv moments: a popsicle seller threatening “I’m going”; a fisherman looking off to the horizon; a young woman riding a bicycle along the promenade; a woman with a picnic cooler spending a day on the beach; yoga instructors blessing the sun on Sup surfboards; youths practising beach volleyball; floods of paddle ball players; a woman with a puppy on the dog beach; modestly dressed women from Jaffa dipping their feet in the water; swimmers showering off the sand before going home; remains of the day left along the water line; a young women on her own in a thoughtful moment as the sun sets.

When we look at these fragments of time we have the chance to take a break from the noise of the city, pause for a moment, and remember the power of the sea, the uniqueness and beauty concealed in the familiar and the everyday – just another weekday beachday.

The illustrations are printed by the Japanese Risograph process (“Riso” is Japanese for “ideal”), which uses a combination of an office photocopier and a silk screen printer. This unique technique adds a dimension of depth and vitality to the illustrations. The Risograph printer is environment-friendly, and the illustrations are printed on recycled paper.

Citykat Stories: Ira Ginsburg, Lotem Weinrob-Atlan, Tamar Ben Joya.