Maskit 10/30/70 - Eretz Israel Museum

Maskit 10/30/70

Opens July 24, 2024

The exhibition Maskit 10/30/70 will focus on the legendary fashion house Maskit, and will explore the first seven decades of its wide-ranging activity, was filled with vicissitudes: the early days following its establishment in 1954, as part of a government company for encouraging new immigrants to engage in handicrafts; its growth into a series of boutiques throughout the country in the second half of the 20th century, which ended with its closure in 1994; and its revival as a privately-owned haute couture brand in 2014.

These three milestones, which are captured in the exhibition title, frame the story of the Maskit fashion house: its allegiance to an original Israeli look as an organizing principle; stylistic changes impacted by geopolitical circumstances no less than by global fashion trends; the impressive reputation and prestige it acquired over time; the inclusion of various designers, artists and ethnic groups in the work processes; and its renewed activity over the past decade.

Maskit 10/30/70 will offer the first account of the twists and turns in this story, from Maskit’s establishment to the present. Central to the exhibition are the building blocks of the Maskit wardrobe – iconic items such as the “Desert Coat,” “Ein Gedi Dress” and “Kineret Shirt,” alongside contemporary designs, most of which were created in dialogue with their iconic forerunners. The exhibition will also include unique textiles, samples of traditional and digital handicrafts, carpets and jewelry characterized by groundbreaking designs, alongside documents, photographs, and rare archival footage.