Mind and Matter - Eretz Israel Museum

Mind and Matter
The World of the First Copper Masters

MUSA, the largest archeological museum in Israel presents the secrets of a mysterious ancient culture. The exhibition, Mind and Matter, presents the world of the ancient coppersmiths, “Masters of Fire,” founders of the Metallurgical Revolution, who lived in the Land of Israel 6,000 years ago. 700 exhibits from the Chalcolithic period (copper – chalcos; stone – lithos), created in the dawn of history, offer an insight into the religious, spiritual, and everyday life of the ancient inhabitants of the land – one of the most fascinating and less known chapters of history. On display are rare archeological finds, among them treasures from the Hoard of Nahal Mishmar, an elaborate cloak and a warrior’s bow, the spectacular Star mural related to a mysterious cult, and more. Mind and Matter – one of the largest and most important archeological exhibitions ever held in Israel, has been mounted in collaboration with the Israel Antiquities Authority.