Moshav Ganot - Eretz Israel Museum

Moshav Ganot

Moshav Ganot, in the center of Israel and facing Mount Hiriya, is a miniature reflection of the entire country. A tiny green and thriving island surrounded on all sides by a raging sea: Geha Highway on one side, and Road No. 1, the road to Jerusalem, on the south. The Beit Dagan – Or Yehuda Road to the south-east, and a fleet of aircraft on its way to the Ben Gurion Airport to the east.

Ganot is a world of opposites and contrast. In the encircling noise- peace and serenity envelops anyonegoing through the village’s yellow gates. Facing the huge industrial constructions of the recycling site, and the massive concrete bridges and electricity poles on the other side of the Geha Highway – there are small houses surrounded by abundant vegetation. The houses are a mixture of strange and personal styles – no two are alike. Some are luxurious villas in immaculate and carefully-tended gardens, and others are small shacks and caravans, surrounded by yards with an assortment of junk. Most of them are bizarre architectural creations, builtbit by bit, houses that grew in time according to need.

The village is tiny, and the people who live in it are few, albeit there are many animals. The village dogs and cats seems like the true rulers, peacocksparade the streets and scream above the pecan tree tops, horses carry their riders in open fields which were once citrus groves, and flocks of migrating birds return to visit the roofs on their way to Europe and Africa.

The secret charm of the place, like any place, is that the only permanent element is constant change. This photographic series reflects an attempt to preserve what the eyesees in a fleeting moment, a sight that will disappear in a split second, to be forgotten and to be no more.