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Nekudat Zechut
Art exhibition and sale for the benefit of youth at risk

This is the seventh year that the exhibition, Nekudat Zechut, sponsored by the Spirit of Israel (a public-benefit corporation) founded by the Jewish Agency, has been shown. A variety of art work by Israeli artists is offered for sale: old-timers alongside artists of the younger generation – graduates of art schools such as Bezalel, Hamidrasha Leomanut, Shenker, Minshar and more. The aim of the event is to aid the Spirit of Israel, which directs hundreds of volunteers and supports diverse programs for children and youth at risk, young people from Israel’s social-economic-geographic periphery – in boarding schools, and pre- and post-military preparatory programs. The exhibition enjoys the continual support of the Israel Discount Bank.

The objective of presenting this show in a way that is appropriate for a museum space is complex and challenging. To this end, some two hundred paintings, statues, photographs, drawings, collages, and objects by about a hundred artists were chosen, serving as a window to contemporary artistic work in Israel.

In their paintings, Zoya Cherkassky, Michal Mamit Worke, and Natalia Zourabova deal with social and personal issues, through the prism of immigrants who came from different cultures, depicting their adjustment and connection to the here and now. Local landscapes and architecture appear as a pronounced theme in the works of Moria Bachar, originally from Kibbutz Afikim, who describes iconic public buildings in the kibbutz; Boaz Noy from Haifa, who charges the urban landscape with a nostalgic and expressionist flavor, and Suly Bornstein who depicts Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus buildings in her paintings.

Personal relationships, children and family are the subjects that emerge in the works of Tali Navon, Ruth Orenbach, Sharon Rashbam Prop and others. Descriptions of still life, pastoral and fantastic, can be seen in the photographs of Roi Kuper and David Adika, as well as in Mosh Kashi’s painting. Some works deal intensely with the surface – such as the masking tape relief by Lida Sharet Massad and the fabric and oil collages of Ella Amitai Sadovsky. The young artists, Maya Samira and Yanai Navon, employ advanced technology – involving the digital manipulations of photos: Samira creates fantastic-fictional locations, while Navon uses three-dimensional prints in order to create a panoramic relief of urban landscape, partly imaginative.

Falling in line with the zeitgeist, generous space was given to Israeli craft, this in view of the seamline between art and design, crafts and its traditions. The ceramic artists Yael Atzmony, Irit Abba and Rina Peleg exhibit objects that shift between sculpture, and applied and decorative art.

For purchase please go into the, or contact the Spirit of Israel office, phone no. 03-7648490, Riva, 052-6130139, [email protected].

The sold works will be transferred to their new owners after the exhibition closes.

Initiative and organization: The Spirit of Israel

David Adika