Numismatic Tribute to Albert Einstein - Eretz Israel Museum

Numismatic Tribute to Albert Einstein
Special Exhibit

In November 1915, Albert Einstein completed the logical structure of his general Theory of Relativity, considered the culmination of his life research. A year later, in 1916, the Theory was published in the prestigious German journal Annalen der Physik, thus celebrating this year its centenary. The Theory of Relativity changed entirely the human comprehension of the nature of light, time, space, energy, and mass while it opened brand new scientific horizons.

Albert Einstein, the great physicist of the 20th century and perhaps of all times, is one of the well-known figures worldwide. His name has become a synonym of genius and his portrait a global icon, immediately recognizable. Every milestone of his life’s achievements seems a good opportunity to remind the public Einstein’s huge contribution to humanity. On the centenary of the publication of the Theory of Relativity, we chose to display an interesting collection of coins, banknotes, and medals bearing his portrait and commemorating his important scientific oeuvre.