Erratic, 2017, Vered Babai - Eretz Israel Museum

Erratic, 2017, Vered Babai

Photo: Hadar Saifan


Pencil shavings, glue, wood, cardboard, glass, fabric; sharping, gluing, pressing


Vered Babai, b. 1967


Vered Babai’s works are composed of layers of pencil shavings that were glued and sewn together to form delicate, thin-layered structures. This series was inspired by the Negev Desert and Mizpe Ramon. Its title, “Erratic,” refers to a fascinating geological phenomenon: when a rock is swept away by a glacier from the environment in which it was created, sometimes ending up hundreds of kilometers away, it might stand out in terms of its size or type. Over time, however, it will gradually become an inseparable part of the landscape. The series, created following her trips to the desert, is concerned with the magical encounter between humans and nature, through the meeting between the natural landscape and the laborious manual craft. The surprising encounters that Babai creates in her work raise questions concerning identity and belonging: both that of the rocks in nature and that of humans to their native land and to the creative landscape.


On display at the Rothschild Gallery, Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design, MUZA – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.