Rise of the Lollipop Man, 2019, Boris Shpeizman - Eretz Israel Museum

Rise of the Lollipop Man, 2019, Boris Shpeizman

Photo: Yona Schley


Glass, metal; glass blowing


Boris Shpeizman, b. 1969


“As a boy, I wanted a motorcycle. And not just any motorcycle, but a fancy one. When I grew up and could afford the real thing, I realized that I preferred holding onto my dream rather than owning the concrete object. The glass motorcycle – glistening, fragile and opulent – symbolizes that childhood dream, which I can now grasp with both hands.”

This glass motorcycle is a real tour de force: comprising more than 200 hand-blown pieces, it took two years to complete. The surreal, shiny, heavenly object of desire is evocative of the chariot of the Greek sun god Helios, in which his son, Phaethon, tragically found his

death. Associated with masculinity and power by referencing speed, competition and risk, this work joins a long series of works by Boris Shpeizman that challenge stereotypical gender roles.


On display at the Rothschild Gallery, Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design, MUZA – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.