New Acquisitions: Works Exhibited at the Biennale of Crafts & Design - Eretz Israel Museum

New Acquisitions: Works Exhibited at the Biennale of Crafts & Design

Some 60 artists whose works were exhibited at the Biennale of Crafts & Design held at the museum in 2020 and 2023 generously contributed their works to the collection of MUZA, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. Among the donating artists are Moshe Roas, Farid Abu Shakra, Avner Sher, Yael Atzmoni, Anat Negev and Esti Drori, Noa Ben-Nun Melamed, and more.

Building and expanding MUZA’s contemporary craft and design collection strongly resonate with the museum’s commitment to supporting, nurturing, and championing these creative arenas in Israel. Alongside exhibitions highlighting contemporary creativity, the continual growth and enhancement of the collection through the inclusion of new works promotes its ongoing development, as well as the representation of a wide range of voices, approaches and forms of artistic expression.

Ranging from intricately handcrafted pieces to works embracing cutting-edge technologies, the gifts donated by Biennale participants include sculptural objects, functional forms, design items, and site-specific installations. The artists themselves come from various backgrounds, and are at different stages of their careers. Prominent among them are Farid Abu Shakra, Yael Atzmony, Tal Batit, Ester Beck, Noa Ben-Nun Melamed, Sophie Berzon Mackie, Dylan Brams, Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum, Naama Steinbock and Idan Friedman (Reddish), Ravit Lazer, Eran Lederman, Luka Or, Galit and Nadav Rauchwerger, Moshe Roas, Avner Sher, among many others (please see the complete list here).

Mr. Ami Katz, MUZA’s CEO: “We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the contributing artists. These gifts support and further motivate our ongoing effort to document, preserve and curate the development of these dynamic fields in Israel, and to promote a related discourse around them. MUZA’s collection is one of the largest in Israel, and these generous donations enrich it considerably by adding new layers to it.”

The Donating Artists

Farid Abu Shakra / Naama Agassi / Shir Atar / Yael Atzmony / Avital Avital / Tal Batit / Ester Beck / Noa Ben-Nun Melamed / Sofie Berzon MacKie / Dylan Brams / Olya Brener / Uriel H. Caspi / Michal Cederbaum / Dania Chelminsky / Shaked Cohen Ilan / Noam Dover / Esti Drori / Galit Einav / Orly Eleanora Edlavitch / Ann Ruth Facktorovich / Noa Fein / Katya Izabel Filmus / Idan Friedman (REDDISH studio) / Michal Gamlieli / Ofir Gardy (Entropy group) / Ganit Goldstein  Evgenia Kirstein / Ravit Lazer / Ariel Lavian / Eran Lederman / Apollo Legisamo / Shiran Magrisso / Dvora Morag / Dikla Moskovich / Fugi Naim / Anat Negev / Luka Or / Alina Orlov / Michaela Mika Orstav / Rubin Pantofaru / Galit Rauchwerger / Nadav Rauchwerger / Dafi Reis Doron / Moshe Roas / Eden Saadon Malin / Michal Shachnai Yakobi / Avner Sher / Eli Shraga (Entropy group) / Koby Sibony / Avner Singer / Naama Steinbock (REDDISH studio) / Rachel Stollar / Ayala Tzur / Meira Una / Yasmin Vinograd / Ronen Yamin / Zohar Yarom (Entropy group) / Ofir Zmudjak / Liora Zonshine / Noam Zonshine / Dr. Amit Zoran

רחל סטולר, דגי זהב. צילום: שי הלוי
Goldfish, 2020, Rachel Stollar 
White clay, gold foil; wheel thrown, raku firing, press molding, glazed, fired at 1180 degrees Celsiuss 
Photo: Shai Halevi
אסתי דרורי וענת נגב הביאנלה במוזא צילום הדר סייפן 5
Black Gold, 2019, Esti Drori and Anat Negev 
Clay, polymers, pigment; slip casting, ceramic castings, hand sculpting, painting. 
Photo: Hadar Seifan
פריד אבו שקרה, הקו הירוק, 2017. צילום הדר סייפן
The Green Line, 2017, Farid Abu Shakra 
Paper, thread; engraving, print, perforation 
Photo: Igal Pardo
נועה בן נון מלמד ארכאוגרפיה
From the series Archeography, 2019, Noa Ben-Nun Melamed 
Photo processing, archival fine art printing
From the Ampolina Project, omgoing since 2004, Dylan Brams 
Glass, photo print; glass blowing, digital manipulation
יסמין וינוגרד, שמורת הטבע הפרטית שלי, 2021. צילום: אבי אמסלם
From the series My Reef, 2021, Yasmin Vinograd 
Silk, epoxy, steel; mixed media 
Photo: Avi Amsalem
From the series Lanceolate, 2018, Ofir Zmudjak 
Clay; 3D printing, slip casting 
Photo: Hadar Seifan
ימי ביניים של ימנו, 2023, יבגניה קירשטיין. צילום: אלעד שריג
Dark Ages of Our Own, 2023, Evgenia Kirshtein 
Grey clay; hand built, hand painted 
Photo: Elad Sarig
ללא כותרת (ערסל), 2018-2023, משה רואס. צילום: אלעד שריג
Untitled (Hammock), Moshe Roas, 2018-2023 
Tree, wood, netting, cloth, metal, shrapnel, animal skeletons, kidskin, tendons; mixed media 
Photo: Elad Sarig
אבנר שר, הביאנלה במוזא, צילום הדר סייפן
Skyline, 2020, Avner Sher 
Outdoor installation: cork, steel frames; digital printing, engraving, burning, scratching, etching, wounding, CNC milling 
Photo: Hadar Saifan