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Field Hospital X
Who must be hospitalized? The hospital as art

Photo: Elad Sarig
Photo: Elad Sarig

From the last Venice Biennale to Tel Aviv – a grand premiere in Israel. Especially for MUZA: two new departments and an additional Care-Package! Make sure to reserve your visit in advance.

Following its success at the last Venice Art Biennale, the renowned project arrives at MUZA – Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv: Field Hospital X for Social Diseases (a not-for-profit association).

The unique Hospital, founded by artist prof. Aya Ben Ron (curator: Avi Lubin, producer: Michi Gov) is a clinical medical compound that focuses on treating the wrongs of society.

Same as in any hospital, a reception area, care units, informational brochures and videos, and care packages await the visitors. Together they create a realm of care and listening, a place where silenced voices may be heard, and social wrongs can be seen.

Field Hospital X examines how art can bring about change. The journey from the reception area to the Care-Units creates a unique encounter between reality and the entire work. The visitors/participants are reencouraged to look directly at the society we all live in and perhaps even try to find solutions to its problems.

Reserving an appointment

Visits to Field Hospital X are by appointment only.

The tickets are good for admission to the other exhibitions at the museum. If a certain date and hour are sold out, please try another day or time.

How does it work?

At the entrance to the hospital, the Reception Area, visitors take numbers and await their turn. They watch the FHX TV Program – a video work presenting the hospital’s ideology and providing information on the various Care-Units and the Care-Kits. When their number is called, visitors go on to the hospital units: first, they visit the Safe-Unit department, which comprises three cells, in which they learn how to shout a controlled shout, one that works with the body and not against it. That they select one of two routes:

The Care-Chairs Unit contains 12 seating devices, each with a personal screen and earphones, creating conditions for a private viewing of the Care-Kits. Each Care-Kits includes a short film, commissioned by the Hospital from an artist, telling a personal story and exposing a social wrong. The Care-Kits include films by Aya Ben Ron, Dor Zlekha Levy, Roey Victoria Heifetz & Zohar Melinek Ezra, and Idit Avrahami. Immediately following the film, two second-opinions appear – brief reactions by experts from various backgrounds and fields of knowledge such as philosophy, the law, medicine, psychoanalysis, education, anthropology, and more. Through the second opinions, hospital visitors are exposed to another perspective and receive more information on the film they have just watched.
The Group-Monitoring Unit, which will be presented at MUZA for the first time. The Unit is designed for a group of six who undergo a collective viewing experience of about 30 minutes. They will watch On the Right side, a new film by Aya Ben Ron, about the consequences of abuse in the family regarding relationships between family members.
At the end of the visit at each of the routes, visitors are invited into the Self-CheckUp Unit, where a series of questions will be presented on tablets, seeking to raise self-awareness regarding abuse and injuries in various spaces – school, home, work, and relationships.

Visitors can anonymously examine past and present experiences, both as an abuser and as the abused.

The contents of Field Hospital X might provoke a strong emotional reaction.