Ampolina Project, ongoing since 2004, Dylan Brams - Eretz Israel Museum

Ampolina Project, ongoing since 2004, Dylan Brams




Glass, photo print; glass blowing, digital manipulation


Dylan Brams, B. 1979


For the past 15 years, Dylan Brams has been tracing his glassblowing skills using an ampolina – a traditional Venetian pitcher whose complex execution process is used to train Muranese glassblowers – much like a musician practicing scales. Thus far, the project numbers 50 digitally manipulated composite photographs, which record a total of 370 different attempts. The project follows Brams as he hones his skill at “taming” the demanding material. It underscores the Sisyphean nature of this process, glorifying it while obscuring the object itself.


On display at the Migdal Gallery, Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design, MUZA – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.