Crumbling, 2018, Anat Bar el, 2018 - Eretz Israel Museum

Crumbling, 2018, Anat Bar el, 2018




Clay, wate, Perspex; video (6 min.)


Anat Bar el, b. 1955


Anat Bar el’s image of a generic, schematic house, sinking into a puddle of water, is an image of an object disappearing into itself. The ceramic work is accompanied by a video that documents the disintegration of a house made of unfired clay that is positioned in water, crumbling into a mound. This process will be repeated several times in the course of the exhibition with additional houses, which await their turn on a shelf.
“There are moments in which everything is transformed and rendered fluid; the metamorphosis, which begins with a realistic representation, ends with a recurrent process of dissolution and disappearance. I have a fantasy involving the image of a house and what happens to it. I see a house melting into a puddle, into water. A gradually dissolving image that begins in three dimensions and disappears into a wall.”


On display at the Migdal Gallery, Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design, MUZA – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.