Non-Accidental Meeting, 2019, Nirit Dekel, Lena Ravenko - Eretz Israel Museum

Non-Accidental Meeting, 2019, Nirit Dekel, Lena Ravenko

Photos: Hadar Saifan


Glass, driftwood, paper, mixed media; flameworking, drawing


Nirit Dekel, b. 1970; Lena Revenko, b. 1976


The glass artist Nirit Dekel and the illustrator Lena Revenko create an imaginary scene that combines nature, glass, drawing and sculpture. The process began with the collection of driftwood that Dekel found during hikes throughout Israel, and which she describes as “natural debris.” To these pieces of wood, she attached colorful glass dots, which infuse them with new life. The glass glimpsed within the cracked wood resembles tiny buds about to bloom. Influenced by illustrations in children’s books and inspired by the famous 19th-century oil painting “Morning in a Pine Forest,” by Konstantin Savitsky, Revenko contributed to the work fantastical creatures, which she located on and around the driftwood, in a bizarre and intriguing manner.


On display in the Ceramics Pavilion, Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design, MUZA – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.