Dinner with a View, 2017, Yaara Rabinovitch - Eretz Israel Museum

Dinner with a View, 2017, Yaara Rabinovitch

Photo: Hadar Saifan


Flat glass, window pane (readymade), mixed media; fusing


Yaara Rabinovitch, b. 1986


Yaara Rabinovitch’s dinner set, which was cut out of a window pane, visually attends to the artist’s personal experience of life away from home, while pointing to the emotional power
of mundane artifacts. These plates can be reintegrated into the window or used over and over again for a meal facing the landscape. As such, they are imbued with practical, emotional, aesthetic, and symbolic meaning.

“I use architecture and glass to tell a story about my constant peregrinations in search of a home. During two years of studies and living in Copenhagen I had to move into several different apartments, rooms and basements; my house becomes what I can carry with me. I wander with my plates, transforming them into part of the house when I settle in.

The first plate I created in Copenhagen is a trimmed, ‘standing’ plate, due to the lack of storage space in the kitchen cabinets. Different versions of this trimmed form continue to serve me today. I play with the circular shape of a standard plate and decontextualize it – a plate with a hole, a step or a handle, and a plate inside a window.”


On display at the Ceramics Pavilion, Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design, MUZA – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.