Blow! - מוזיאון ארץ ישראל

The Power of Exhalation

Boris Shpeizman, Soap Opera, 2018
Boris Shpeizman, Soap Opera, 2018

Opening: 19.04.2024

What is the connection between a soap bubble, the sound of a trumpet and a glass vase? They were all created on an exhale!

From a young age, the act of exhaling appears magical – it cools our boiling soup, transforms a bit of rubber into a colorful balloon, and blows out our birthday candles, ensuring that our heartfelt wish will come true.

Yet what is it about exhalation that causes us to identify it with the magical power of realization, creation and transformation?

This experiential, interactive exhibition for the entire family is a journey of exploration centered on the act of blowing out. We will become acquainted with a groundbreaking glassblowing technique developed some 2,000 years ago, as well as with contemporary artists who use the exact same technique with surprising materials; we will discover how a fire is stoked with two sticks and a pile of twigs, listen to the sound of a shell found in an ancient temple, and learn what mythological gods did to aid ships at sea as they journeyed homeward.

The artworks, artifacts from the museum collections, installations and activities will reacquaint us with the creative power of the exhale, and with its transformative influence on human culture.