“The Book Must Work” - מוזיאון ארץ ישראל

“The Book Must Work”
Implements and Craftsmen in Meir Shalev’s Oeuvre and in the MUZA Collection

Photo: Seffi Ben-Yosef
Photo: Seffi Ben-Yosef

Opening: 14.04.2024

The writer Meir Shalev devoted much attention in his oeuvre to craftsmen and to their unique work tools. Such is the case with Abraham the stonemason, who is described in great detail in His House in the Desert, with the family of bakers in Esau, and with Margolis the beekeeper in The Blue Mountain.

The exhibition “The Book Has Got to Work” will bring Meir Shalev’s masterful descriptions to life, presenting the different work tools and craftsmen featured in the unique collection of the Man and His Work Center, alongside selected quotes that reveal the writer’s role as a master craftsmen, who performed extensive research concerning the various professions described in his books.

The Man and His Work Center at MUZA, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, includes a vast and unique collection of work tools, preserving the expertise of craftsmen who worked in the country over the past centuries.