Current Exhibitions

Hope: The Prix Pictec Exhibition

A Prix Pictet is the world's top photography prize for sustainability. Its objective is to draw worldwide attention to issues threatening humanity and the world.

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Dialogue 1

The Man and His Work Pavillion presents ethnographic objects reflecting local life and work traditions in the land of Israel and its environs. The contemporary displays entertain a dialogue the permanent.

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Dialogue 2

The Glass Pavillion contains 3,500

years of work in glass. The works hosted in the pavilion respond to the space, engage with the ancient glass artifacts.

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Dialogue 3

The Ceramic Pavillion is devoted to the ceramic material and pottery-making. The featured intervene in the permanent displays are assimilated into them.

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How it works

The exhibition explores the concept of "work" over time. Israel's pioneering era ended, and agricultural and construction laborers are now foreign workers.

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