A visit to the planetarium offers visitors, who sit on a revolving stage, an extraordinary "flight" based on the film "Stars" (produced by the National Space Centre of Leicester, England), exploring the huge universe with its infinite galaxies, each one containing billions of stars, very different from one another. These stars are continually changing, living, dying, and are then born anew. The tour presents the riveting story of the most ancient stars alongside new ones, and even those that will be created in the future. This is a flight to the furthermost place in the galaxy. The visitors will see both the magnificent beauty and the destructive force of the stars.


To order tickets for English performances for individuals and groups (pre-booking is required):

Telephone:  03/7455710/ 720


Entrance fee (including the museum)

Adults: NIS 67/ Tel Aviv resident (adult), NIS 57

Children: NIS 15 (suitable for children over 5)



Please note:

Ticket sale ends about 10 minutes before the performance begins!

 Monday, May 5, 2014 - The Museum is closed.