At the Kiosk

Tel Aviv's first kiosk was built on Rothschild Boulevard in 1910. Over time additional kiosks were built on the street corners and along the boulevard and became an integral part of the Israeli scene. In the 1990s the kiosks gradually lost their appeal and closed down, but in recent years they are enjoying a revival. They have been given a facelift and have become meeting places for the city's young people.
Gordon photographed the day and night life around the Tel Aviv kiosks; each one with its unique character and design - a white structure with clean lines is a sushi bar, the one with the pergola and red bricks serves sandwiches and light meals. The benches on Rothschild Boulevard adjacent to the kiosks have become a meeting place for the neighborhood's residents who sit there over a cup of coffee.
In his work Gordon emphasizes the different kinds of light that characterize each kiosk

and affect the atmosphere created: when night falls the neon lights color one kiosk in green light, and in another a warm reddish light falls on the customers; during the day the pergolas provide the kiosk denizens with shade and create an interesting play of light and shade. The photographs also reflect the different nature of the meetings at the kiosks during the day and during the night. The daytime people stop on their way to work or during their lunch break, and mothers with baby carriages meet for a chat. In the evenings the kiosks attract young people, couples and singles.


Photograph: Itzik Gordon

Opens: November  5

Closes 31 December 2008