Along the Banks of the Yarkon River

Photography, Yigal Flint


A bicycle trail wends its way from the Yarkon springs in Afek Park to the river's estuary. Yigal Flint has been riding this route for years and is now showing his photographs of it. The pictures in the exhibition, which follow the trail, give us a full picture of an evolving and changing landscape along the banks of the Yarkon River. Parts of the countryside have remained natural and unfamiliar while others have been turned into playgrounds and recreational areas where the city's residents can spend their leisure time. Along the trail one sees historical sites and buildings that seem like mysterious and intriguing ruins, such as the pumps (one of which is still in working order), a farmhouse, the Abu Rabakh mill which was refurbished in the 19th century, and the Seven Mills historical site which has recently been rediscovered. Despite the fact that the river is polluted there are parts in which there is a wealth of wildlife and anyone walking along the banks will see variegated vegetation and water birds. Flint photographs the figures from a distance so as to leave center stage for the landscape. The people, benches and park installations mark the transition from a natural habitat to manmade installations.
Flint's work is mysterious, lyrical, rich in detail and reflects a feeling of profound intimacy with the landscape and its past.

Curator: Kineret Palti

Opens: March 5 

Closes 2 May, 2009