Wanderers in the City

Photography: Yael Ravid

 Yael Ravid concentrates on her and her close friends' wanderings between rented flats in Tel Aviv. Her photographs were taken over two and a half years, beginning with the peak of Tel Aviv's housing shortage until recent months. Some of her friends were forced to leave their flats due to a rent hike, or because the owners sold the property. Others were evicted because the building was about to be demolished or for other reasons, and found temporary housing solutions by moving in with friends or family.
The photographs depict the unique character of the rented flats and their mixture of styles: furniture found in the street donated by friends or family alongside new furniture or furniture belonging to the landlord.
Ravid draws the spectator's attention to the efforts made by the flat dwellers to transform the temporary space into one which is pleasant and intimate by using objects that create a homelike atmosphere: a picture on the wall, a book, decorative items, slippers, bedcovers, etc. Nevertheless there are images in the photographs that allude to temporariness: folded clothing lying on a small suitcase, an empty corner, a carton, or a dilapidated chair.


Curator: kineret Palti

Opens: May 7

Closes: June 27, 2009