Boys and Girls

Photography: Boaz Lanir


 Lanir documents girls and boys who live in two dissimilar and isolated social environments, despite their geographical proximity. One group lives om Kfar Hassidim, a religious youth village, and the other - in Kibbutz Shaar Haamakim, which belongs to the Kibbutz Haartsi Hashomer Hatzair.
The Kfar Hassidim boys and girls are largely second generation immigrants, while the kibbutz youth from Shaar Haamakim are grandchildren of the founding fathers; one group lives in a traditional religious educational environment, while the other lives in a secular pluralistic one. Two cultural worlds, two histories that comprise affinities, identities and values which are in part contradictory. The two youth groups, experiencing the intense years of adolescence, do not meet. Lanir presents direct photos of fascinating and genuine portraits. Through his lens he feels close to the young boys and girls as they are today, as they see themselves.


Curator: Tali Cohen Garbuz

Opens: December 10, 2012

Closes: February 26, 2011