To the fountain

The maiden and the jug: A local and multicultural image


The girl and the jug  was one of the prominent visual images that reflected the perceptions and hopes of the Jewish Yishuv and the State of Israel in its early years. The Arab -biblical image of the girl drawing water crosses cultural frontiers and becomes an Israeli image that appears in songs, dance, and popular visual arts such as souvenirs objects, posters, and greeting cards. The exhibit displays the development of  the image, starting with over 100 years of photographic documentation of the Virgin's Well and its water carriers in Nazareth, proceeding to the adaptation of the image of the Arab girl drawing water in Israeli visual culture, culminating in the changing symbolism of the girls and water jugs next to them in the unique magnificent carpet depicting Israeli themes in the reception cabin that served Israel's second president, Itzhak Ben Zvi.


Curator: Prof. Nurith Kenaan-Kedar

Dsign: Architect Ori Glazer

Closes: April 26, 2014