Kinneret People

Naftali Oppenheim, The photographer from Ein Gev

Naftali Oppenheim (1912-1953) documented the Jewish settlement in the Jordan Valley during the British Mandate, and particularly everyday life in Kibbutz Ein Gev. He photographed the Jewish and Arab inhabitants alike, the establishment of settlements, training of the Jewish settlement police, the Aviron aircraft, the markets in Safed and Tiberias, the Beit Jerach excavations, and more.

Despite the fact that he worked in an extremely tumultuous period, Oppenheim preferred to photograph "happy and not ugly" topics. He documented the space in which he lived, and the majority of his pictures are studio portraits of adults and children, characterized by sophisticated artistic-aesthetic style and photographed with a sensitive and humane eye

Curator: Guy Raz
Closes: February 28, 2015