Saturdays and Holidays

Shlomit Hight, photographs


Over a two-year period Shlomit Hight took photographs of gatherings on Saturdays and holidays in different locations in Israel. Perhaps this is the tense reality in which we live in Israel which created the Hebrew collocation of "Saturdays and holidays". These are temporal sequences that make it possible to distance ourselves from problems and daily tasks, and remove ourselves from the normal pace of life, relax and enjoy ourselves. Hight took photographs in different locations in Israel: her home in Herzlia, Kibbutz Evron, the Herzlia Park, Nazareth, the Udim Park, the Herzlia beach, a hotel in Caesarea, the Yakum nature reserve, and more. The people in her photographs are her relatives or a chance audience. The subjects are unaware of the fact that they are being photographed. They are totally absorbed in themselves, and experience the events surrounding them. Their body language often arouses interest and tension: two men playing basketball, a group of people looking up to the sky on Independence Day, a little girl wearing a mask proud of her dress, a teacher stretching out her arms and directing a class during a nature walk.

The "togetherness" experience is a key factor in the Israeli experience. In some photographs we witness family gatherings on Saturday in different places in Israel, in others we see large gatherings on Jewish or national holidays such as Shavuoth, Independence Day, Purim, Lag Baomer, Tu Bishvat.

In almost all the photographs in this series one can sense the tension and excitement of the audience in response to the event taking place.



Closes: October 10, 2015