Israeli Collective Portrait

Roland Fischer , photography (3m by 16m),


The project's objective was to photograph 1,000 portraits of Israeli students; Tel Aviv University took up the challenge and agreed to the project, allocating space in the Faculty of the Arts. Production took place in the Mexico Building's lobby in January 2015.

On the morning of the first day, a studio was set up in the heart of the lobby, and the photo taking began. At the end of about 10 days, more than 1000 students have been photographed, among those were students from the East Asia department, the medical school, the computer science department, the dental school, the engineering and brain science department, the physics department, the business management department, and more.

Roland Fischer took the photographs himself, asking the students to keep a straight face, and not to smile. Each student was photographed two or three times and the best pictures was selected afterwards.

Additionally to the "Israeli Collective Portait" of the students, Roland Fischer wanted to find out, what was relevant for the people of Tel Aviv at this „historical" moment in January 2015, what have been their concerns, what did they hope for. For this purpose a large number of interviews were made on a „normal day" in January 2015 on Rothschild Boulevard North and on Rothschild Boulevard South. Passersby were invited to answer a series of questions and share their views. People from all walks of life participated and formed the video work „Tel Aviv - A Normal Day on Rothschild Boulevard".

The result was very successful and revealed the many faces of our society. The answers varied: level-headed, impulsive, heartbreaking, funny, serious, cynical, and more.


In Novermber 2015, the project had its first presentation in Munich in a public space installation on Lenbachplatz, situated in the heart of the city and close to the former Jewish Synagog.




Closes: November 30,  2016