Renewing MUZA

 Simulation from the Bustan-Garden plan



MUZA - Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv is in full swing of a significant process of renewal and growth. About two years ago I initiated an architectural contest centering around a master plan for the development of the museum. The contest was won by the Kimmel-Eshkolot architecture firm and Studio Chanan de Lange.
In this context, and as part of the master plan, it was planned to renew the Bustan Garden, sized 90000 square meters, in the western section of the Museum.


I am happy to announce that today work has begun on the renewal of the Bustan Garden. This is a large and complex project, whose completion will bring about genuine change to the surrounding neighborhoods, the city, and the Museum.


The Bustan Garden will be open to the public, devoting a large section of the area of the Museum for public benefit and use.


The work will last about one and a half years. During this period there will be no access to the Sundial Square, the western events plaza, the Olive Oil Plant, the Folklore Pavilion, and the Flour Mill.
We appreciate your patience and understanding.


When the work ends, the garden will open to the general public.


Ami Katz, Director General.