Local Testimony 22

Photo: Corinna Kern / Reuters



The annual exhibition of Israeli and world photo-journalism


 The Local Testimony and World Press Photo exhibitions are the most important and largest annual event in Israel and around the world for photo-journalism and documentary photography. Local Testimony, the annual exhibition of photo-journalism and documentary photography, provides a platform for local documentary photography, conveys its cultural qualities and manifests its social significance as an expression of complex aspects of the local reality. The winning photos were selected by an independent jury comprised of leading professionals in the spheres of photography, curating, and media. The categories are: News, Nature and Environment, Religion and Faith, Society and Community, Sport, Urbanism and Culture, and Long Exposure.

The international photo-journalism exhibition World Press Photo was founded in the Netherlands in the mid-1950s with the objective of encouraging free communication and excellence in the fields of photo-journalism and documentation. Since its establishment, the exhibition provides the most prestigious and longest-established platform for the best photo-journalists and documentary photographers in the world.


Curator of Local Testimony 2022: Leah Abir

Open: 22.12.22

Closed: 11.2.23



Guy Aloni, Eli Atias, Rona Bar and Ofek Avshalom, Rabia Basha, Oren Ben Hakoon, Adi Berckovich, Jonathan Bloom, Rina Castelnuovo, Yuval Chen, Shimi Cohen, Yuval Daniel, Eitan Elhadez Barak, Asaf Friedman, Ahmad Gharabli, Baruch Gian, Yair Gil, Eran Gissis, Chaim Goldberg, Shulamith Greenstein, Tal Heres, Badoor Jbara, Edward Kaprov, Corinna Kern, Quique Kierszenbaum, Jamal Kiwan, Ziv Koren, Chen Leopold, Maya Levin, Heidi Levine, Amir Levy, Cadya Levy, Tali Mayar, Oz Moalem, Dor Naim, Moran Nakar, Eti Namir, Dov Oron, Hadas Parush, Dor Pazuelo, Moshe Prager, Noam Revkin Fenton, Itai Ron, Ariel Schalit, Ruti Sela and Maayan Amir, Avishag Shaar-Yashuv, Shelly Shalev, Assaf Sharon, Guy Shmueli, Abir Sultan, Dafna Talmon, Avigail Uzi, Samira Wehbe, Kobi Wolf, Yehoshua Yosef, Oren Ziv, Dor Zlekha Levy, Ohad Zwigenberg